January 28, 2021

Sier-Bath Nylon couplings are compact and demand no lubrication. They operate above a wide temperature selection at speeds as much as 5,000 RPM and therefore are proficiently used in applications such as Motor/Generator sets, pump sets, and many light to medium duty industrial coupling applications.
No lubricants are ever demanded, getting rid of the have to have for seals. The resilient nature from the nylon material makes the make contact with of the hubs and sleeves nearly frictionless. Due to the fact no lubrication is utilised, the coupling can readily be adapted to several applications which includes vertical and blind installations the place the slip-together elements offer straightforward inspection and adjustment.
Operationally, the coupling provides a minimum backlash solution which will operate in ambient temperature environments from -40° to 150° F. Nylon Sleeve couplings have precision molded sleeves and hubs with no bolts, pins, flanges, or protrusions to have an effect on stability or safety. The nylon sleeve permits misalignment up to 5° for Dentex and Nyflex couplings and 3° for your Mite.
When totally assembled, the Mite coupling weighs significantly less than 1lb and the Nyflex only three.50 lbs. two Spirolox Retaining Rings
Sleeve is securely held around the hubs by these spring-steel retaining rings. They can be eliminated in seconds, nevertheless they’ll stand up to five,000 lbs endthrust.
Nylon Sleeve
Resilient, light-weight, abrasion and corrosion resistant nylon is accurately molded to mesh exactly with hubs. Their practically frictionless properties eradicate the need to have for lubrication.
2 Hubs
Sintered iron is normal inside the Nyflex and Mite. Teeth are crowned to supply better misalignment capability and also to prevent gouging of Nylon sleeve. Preserve 0.13 inch spacing in between hubs.
Molded nylon sleeve
No inner frictional reduction or heat buildup
Minimum backlash
Large ambient temperature permitted
Resistance to filth, moisture, most chemicals
Minimal servicing (no seals, lubricant, retainers)
Large torque, reduced intertia
Typical bores are available.