January 28, 2021

Restricted End Float FLEF Form
Developed for tools with sleeve bearings
Created to limit axial travel with the rotor in the motor and stop the rotor from coming into speak to and damaging sleeve bearings

Normal Vertical FVX Variety
Built for use with vertical shafts
Vertical kit prevents shafts from contacting each other
Maintains ability to accommodate misalignment
Readily available in vertical floating shaft design and style

Shear Pin FSHP and FSHPB Types
Made to restrict and secure tools against extreme torque or sudden shock loads
Shear pins created and produced to shear at predetermined torque loads
Pins are inserted in hardened bushings to lessen put on
Quick to put in new pins
Offered with bearing support to retain alignment just after the pins shear

Slide FSL and FSLX Types
Enables for any predetermined quantity of axial slide
Longer hubs and sleeves offered to accommodate additional slide capacity
Customized slide lengths offered